Our Story

Starting as an all-inclusive pizza society at Southampton University, we started going around the best local pizzerias, learning about all things pizza. This naturally led to our first 'Tour' where we explored Naples with 50 bad boys and girls - and what a trip that was.

Soon after this, we invested in our first Ooni pizza oven and started making our own 'za in our back yard. It took us a while to perfect our dough recipe and even longer to fine-tune all our pizza-making techniques. Our iconic back yard pizza parties naturally led to us selling 'za at friend's parties which is where we really developed the love for distributing our pizzas.

After the team was torn apart, half continued to smash various events down in Southampton, whilst the other half started the famously hard transition to bring our renowned za's to the capital. And in February we went on a second Tour to Rome, learning even more about the history and heritage of favourite Italian dish.

2020 was a weird one. We began by attending a number of events around London with our pop-up pizzeria and army of Ooni pizza ovens - but then COVID-19 hit, and all our plans had to be put on hold. To make ends meet, we started up 2 x lockdown delivery services in Teddington and Southampton which managed to get the attention of Street Feast, who brought us in to DINERAMA, Shoreditch to be the pizza traders for its final few months.

Dinerama unfortunately shut its doors permanently in October 2020 and we were left stranded, not knowing what the future of BBPS was. We resorted back to the successful Teddington delivery service for the next few months whilst lockdown was still in place - until April 2021.

As things return to normality, we have now managed to secure spots at two of the most popular food-halls in London - Vinegar Yard (Tues-Sun) & Seven Dials Market (every day).

Come down and check us out!