Wild Lime

This bar/pub is situated on Portswood high-street. We’ve been there countless times and enjoyed many happy memories over a beer or two. So, when the news came that they’d redone the place and added pizza to their menu – we were very happy. However, when the Za arrived at the table, I knew exactly how it was going to be. It was sub-par in all areas from mad grease to unholy amounts of the strongest cheese, exactly how I don't want a pizza to be. Every bite was a struggle, and I could only make it through a grand total of 1 slices before I had to get out of there. Never before has a pizza ruined my evening. And to make it worse it wasn't even cheap, so I ended up paying around £8 for a singular slice of pizza. I came away from my once favourite bar wishing that I'd just stuck with the beer.


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