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(08.11.2010 00:14:28)inode:NTFS signature: $$$$$$$$$$$ Paddy_EIRE: ive not tried it yet. I have a 'wireless noob' wife and need to keep her wireless going. :) ok i will look Dr_Willis, good luck... :) Paddy_EIRE: i got a wired lan cable we will see if that does it should it work in wired as well? in windows Wolven_Pariah: it would on windows. Wolven_Pariah: the drivers are 'windows' inentioial... ok i will try that then from what ive seen with the forums. it should also work on linux.. thanks a lot! Dr_Willis, hehe I can understand your situation Wolven_Pariah: try 'insmod b43' from the command line first. see if it actually does anything. urlin2u: do you mean that you have messed up grub? ok i will be back brent, no messed up grub, you need to run chroot into it, or recover it. urlin2u: ok - that link should explain it, but i'm not sure how to do the chroot brent, you just run the command, get it in the chroot, then run update-grub. urlin2u: thanks - i'll try that brent, you mean just chroot into the other OS? urlin2u: yep




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Easy Account Cod4 17 Download Chomikuj
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